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Le Ministre d'Etat sur le chantier des Jardins d'Apolline - Copyright - Direction de la Communication / Michael Alési
30 July 2018

The Minister of State Visits the Jardins d'Apolline Construction Site

Copyright - Direction de la Communication / Michael Alési

The Minister of State, accompanied by Jean Castellini, Minster of Finance and Economy, Marie‑Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, Jean-Luc Nguyen, Director of Public Works, Rémy Rolland, Director of the State Property Authority and Albert Croesi, Head of Mission to the Minister of State in connection with the Apolline project, visited the Jardins d'Apolline to see the progress made and the advancement of the renovations and the work to add additional storeys. 

This visit highlights the importance of this project for the Government, which has made it one of its priorities. 

In response to the disruption suffered by the residents of the Jardins d'Apolline last year, special measures were put in place with regard to temporary rehousing and financial support.  These measures were prompted by the wish to ensure the sustainability of the residence over the long term, and, above all, the peace and quiet of the residents. 

The aim of the work undertaken is not just to renovate the buildings, but also to provide 45 additional dwellings by adding an additional storey to Blocks B and D and two storeys to Blocks A and C. 

He stated that "this decision was the right one and the only one.  What we have seen today proves that no other choice was possible.  All the disruption we have seen led to the decisions that were taken to enable residents to enjoy impeccable accommodation once again, in line with the commitment that we made."

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